As Mayor the last four years, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved – together.
  • We secured the first new public school in more than a decade, adding nearly 1,200 student seats, while also bolstering school security
  • Our tax rate remains low, and property values continue to rise
  • We’ve added more high-paying jobs to our thriving economy, and have a new Brightline station in progress to enhance mobility.
  • Crime is down 31% the last four years, making our safe city even safer
  • We launched an office of innovation and developed a strategy to grow high-paying jobs and attract great companies.
  • In 2020, we opened our 47th park, with another waterfront green space, which I was proud to fight to protect, coming later this year
  • We set higher standards for new projects to guard against overdevelopment

During my time serving the residents of Boca, I’ve also voted to lower the tax rate, add public safety positions, expand the city’s economic development efforts to create more high-paying jobs, and invest in traffic and mobility improvements, including leading the efforts to obtain a Brightline station for Boca Raton.  I sponsored laws that cut red tape, enhanced green space, and increased transparency and ethics standards.  I stood alone on the council in opposing the biggest upzoning in our city’s history and has been as a strong advocate for well-managed growth and better traffic and planning solutions.  I’ve also held the first series of regular town hall meetings by a council member, reaching thousands of residents.  I’m running to continue his work on long-term solutions for safe and livable neighborhoods, appropriate development, stronger job growth, improved mobility, and better schools and opportunities for our children.

Please read on for more details on my record and vision.  Hope to earn your support!