Boca Raton – A City with Continued Low Taxes and Safe Neighborhoods; A Vision Ahead

While the message in much of the country is of higher taxes, deficit spending, and spiraling crime rates, we are fortunate to have the opposite of all these in the City of Boca Raton. In September, we approved our city budget for the coming fiscal year from October 2022 to September 2023. I am pleased to share that, yet again, Boca Raton has one of the lowest property tax rates of any full-service city in Florida. Our rate is less than half that of West Palm’s or Miami’s and lower than nearby cities: Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and the other comparable ones. Of course, most people would not trade our quality of services, parks, and amenities for the ones in those cities. In fact, for the tenth year in a row, our city’s property tax rate has only decreased or stayed the same.

I’m proud to have voted for consistent reductions in the rate and never for an increase. Unlike the federal government, our budgets must be balanced, and we maintain healthy financial reserves to guard against disasters and downturns in financial markets. Our strong reserves also ensure we have funds to take advantage of opportunities – like the rare moment we seized to bring a Brightline high-speed rail station to Boca Raton later this fall.

Above all, Boca Raton remains a safe and livable city, thanks to the best-in-class public safety professionals. In the last few months, I’ve traveled to four of our largest American cities (not on the taxpayers’ dime). In each one, people warned me about areas downtown where it was not safe after dark – areas that should be part of prime tourist activity. I was disheartened to see tent villages in parks that I used to see as thriving public spaces. The degradation of the quality of life in these American cities is beyond saddening. Boca Raton is a stark contrast – as crime rates have been down over the last four years from what were already 40-year lows before that span. We have the safety we need, the peace of mind we want, and the caring first responders we expect.

In recent issues, I’ve discussed some of the goals that came out of our strategic planning sessions on maintaining a healthy economy and infrastructure. We all charted visions of enhancing our vibrant and sustainable city. In our recent budget, we funded several initiatives in this area. We are working to enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and to decrease the number and severity of crashes. In the coming months, FDOT is due to open a new diamond diverging interchange at Glades Road and I-95. The new design is focused on reducing left turns, making traffic move faster and more safely. We also allocated some funding to expand the art in public places program and proceed with our sustainability action plan by further recycling in public areas.

In light of rising inflation and the money supply from the federal government, we are working on plans to take a regional approach to the cost of housing. We are looking at working together with nearby cities to ensure more attainable housing within the region. Other cities can provide options for housing that will still serve our employers, and my discussions with other mayors reflect what we know – home prices are a regional issue that requires a regional strategy. We look forward to discussions through a working group throughout the area.

To close out on costs, our city is mindful of the pinch we are feeling in pocketbooks. Our water and sewer rates are far lower than nearby cities, compounding the value that our residents receive compared to other areas. In fact, some of the nearby cities mentioned above have rates four or five times higher than ours! We keep a close eye on keeping costs low and money in your pockets – where it belongs.

We are fortunate that with our efficiently run and successful city, we can focus on providing services effectively and plan to avoid the challenges that too many other cities are facing. I am running in the upcoming March 2023 mayoral election to help see more of these goals to completion and keep working to raise and exceed expectations for what our great city can be. I would love to hear your thoughts on what we can do together to reach our goals. Please share your comments, by email at, or on the web at, and stay connected for more news @ScottSingerUSA on all social media platforms.

Strategic Planning Recap

Dear Neighbors, in my recent updates, you read about some of the key business initiatives that we are pursuing to continue to ensure a healthy economy, as well as ongoing enhancements to our infrastructure. This month’s update has more about our city budget and low taxes, our strategic planning, and news on exciting openings.

Budget and Low Taxes: September is the month when the city adopts its budget. Unlike Washington, our budgets are always balanced, and we are maintaining healthy reserves.  We can be pleased about the ninth straight year with no property tax rate increase.  In my eight years as Mayor and City Council Member, I’m pleased to that rate has only decreased during my tenure.  With assessed property values rising an average of more than 12%, it means that residents who have the homestead exemption (most of us) will be taxed at an increasingly lower rate compared to the rise in our property values.  We work to preserve more of your hard-earned dollars while providing outstanding services with one of the lowest tax rates of any full-service city in Florida. This year’s budget includes some additional programming for the new Wildflower and Silver Palm Parks, due to open fully in the coming month, as well as planning to continue efforts to streamline our outdated land development code.  We will continue to invest in improvements in the Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club, building on our upgrades since we received the donation of this 167-acre championship course, court facilities, and clubhouse.

More Strategic Goals: In the July issue, I discussed our primary goal of making Boca Raton the best place to do business and highlighted several initiatives in that goal.  We all set a goal of making our city more sustainable by working on policies to ease the housing crunch.  With land values high in Boca Raton and little available land, we recognize that a solution to the continued demand for homes for professionals and employees is a regional effort.  I’ve had discussions with mayors of nearby cities on what we can do collaboratively to address this need, which employers have cited as a key issue.  We will work on this regional problem with regional solutions.  Increased availability of attainable housing in nearby cities that can be built there more quickly and cost effectively can provide employment opportunities for workers in Boca Raton with a variety of commuting options. For years, the Boca Raton Tri Rail station was the most popular on the route in large part because our city operates a shuttle to key centers of employment for professional, tech, and other employees.

Brightline: In August, we reached two more milestones toward the opening of the Brightline station in Downtown Boca, as we marked the topping off of construction of the station and the parking garage that will serve Brightline riders, downtown visitors, and library patrons.  Brightline has moved very quickly on construction since the groundbreaking in January, and we remain on track for an opening in late fall. So many residents and businesses see Brightline as a game-changer and recognize how vital it is for us to be connected to a major transportation network that will link us to Miami and Orlando, and hopefully beyond.  Check out my page @ScottSingerUSA for a lot more footage of the progress to date.

One of our strategic plans is to refresh our plans for an update of our downtown government master campus: city hall, community center, other city offices, and police station.  Speaking again of Brightline, we have an opportunity to expand the vision for this site by integrating these plans with refreshed retail and office near to the Brightline station. Currently, we have some industrial uses across from the station site that are far from highest and best use:  a scooter shop, print shop, and other light industrial. We recognize that as a new gateway to our city for professionals and visitors, this area has a lot of potential.

More Openings: Several exciting attractions are coming to Boca Raton.  I mentioned the completion of the long-awaited Wildflower Park in our downtown – our 48th park.  The privately operated Boca Raton Ice and Fine Arts Center is due to open at the beginning of October, offering a wide range of recreational and cultural programming.  We also have a bevy of restaurant openings planned, with major investment by key brand.  These include Red Pine, a Chinese concept, Meat Market, a Palm Beach steakhouse, both opening this fall.  Looking ahead, Restaurant Row on Butts Road is due to arrive in early 2022, with Pubbelly Sushi, Fiolina, and El Camino.  New York’s iconic steakhouse Gallagher’s is also working on their Glades Road location for early next year.

Boca Raton – Home of Real Solutions – Real Results

Last month, I discussed some of the goals that came out of strategic planning sessions for maintaining a healthy economy in Boca Raton. This issue will focus on recent improvements to our delivering real results for residents for the roadways, schools, and utility systems we count on every day.  The City of Boca Raton is consistently working to make sure these key systems and assets function at a high level.  The goal is to ensure we have the peace of mind we want, the improvements we need, and the quality of life we deserve.

Roads:  The City and other governments continue to invest in improving our mobility.  The last few months have likely seen the greatest milling and repaving of roads in Northwest Boca Raton’s history. All the major roadways in this area should have completed paving projects by the time you read this. Both the City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County worked on our respective roadways, creating improved lanes on five major thoroughfares: Clint Moore Road, Yamato Road, Spanish River Blvd., Jog Road, and Military Trail.  We timed the work to minimize impact during the slower summer season and to complete it for the start of the school calendar.

In addition, several state projects are nearing completion. In September, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is due to complete the new Clint Moore Road Bridge over I-95. The City has been working on long-term plans to connect Clint Moore Road to Jeffery Street across the F.E.C. railroad tracks, which will connect Northeast Boca to the rest of the major grid. Further south, we’ve seen the extensive work by FDOT at Glades Road and I-95, in preparation for the installation later this year of a Diamond Diverging Interchange.  This new technology may look a little odd, as drivers drive to the left of opposing traffic for a small stretch. The benefits, however, are fewer left turns, which reduces crashes and travel time. Boca Raton is one of the first places in the state to have an DDI of this size.

Schools: August 10, 2022 saw the opening of the brand-new Blue Lake Elementary School – the first additional public school in Boca Raton in more than a generation. As a reminder, this school was originally planned to go elsewhere. When that site fell through, we moved quickly to donate 15 acres to bring the new school to our city.  We got this new campus only because we seized this opportunity, becoming the first city in at least 30 years to do so.  After our initiative, years of planning, and much collaboration, this creative partnership with the District will add nearly 1,200 student seats, serving both the many families in Boca Raton and creating space for more new students as more people move here.

In addition, we continue to work the Palm Beach County School District to coordinate on issues of school safety and traffic flow, as we entered into the first long-term agreement to provide officers to assist the independent School District police force responsible for the schools.  We also respond to concerns from neighborhoods, like Broken Sound, about traffic flow from an increased number of parents choosing to drive to school rather than use buses. A reminder to us all – school is in session – please take extra care and slow down, especially when school zones flash their lights for reduced speed.

Other Infrastructure: The City of Boca Raton continues its multi-year program of upgrading our road, utilities, water lines, sewer lines, and other infrastructure as part of our Innovative Sustainable Infrastructure Program (ISIP). We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent issues, which is why our water and sewer rates are less than one quarter of the costs of some other peer systems. As a bonus, we are doing all this work while keeping one of the lowest property tax rates of any full-service city in Florida.

Recent projects include the continuation of ISIP projects in the eastern side of the Boca Square neighborhood south of Palmetto Park Road.  Also, with the Brightline station due to open in late fall, we are investing in improving pedestrian connections from the station to the heart of our downtown.  We also recently approved hardening of a key facilities building to better withstand storms. Let this be a reminder to make sure that you are prepared for hurricane season.  Historically, more than 80% of East Coast hurricanes have come after August 1, so while the season may be nearly half over on the calendar, we still need to be ready for what may come and possible storms. Be prepared and read more at

We are fortunate that with our safe and successful city, we can focus on the priorities that matter to residents and deliver real solutions and meaningful results. We develop a plan of action and then step by step, deliver on these priorities to solve problems. Serving as your voice in discussing and then acting on these important issues is what continues to fuel my commitment. I’m running in the upcoming March 2023 mayoral election to help see more of these goals to completion and keep working to raise and exceed expectations for what our great city can be. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we can do together to reach our goals. Please share your comments, by email at,or on the web at, and stay connected for more news @ScottSingerUSA on all social media platforms.

Making Boca Raton the Best Place to Do Business

Like many strong organizations, the City of Boca Raton regularly reviews and sets long-term goals as part of a strategic planning process. Last month, the City held its 2022 planning sessions where the Mayor and City Council, senior management, department heads, and the public all weighed in on key goal areas. One common theme that resonated was ensuring that we capture the unprecedented economic opportunities facing our city. The City Council set as one of its high priority goals of establishing Boca Raton as the best place to do business. Let’s dive into more of what that means.

First, we residents already know that Boca Raton has an unparalleled quality of life. We have the finest public safety professionals and safe neighborhoods, with crime rates continuing to drop, even as other cities see increases in crime. We have strong partnerships with our community institutions, such as our school district, as we near completion of a brand new Blue Lake Elementary School, which will open on August 10th. We have lush and abundant green space, with 47 parks, with the new Wildflower Park due to open in the fall to increase our total, along with pristine beaches.  We invest in infrastructure, with hundreds of millions in ongoing infrastructure improvements, all without a tax increase. And speaking of taxes, we have one of the lowest tax rates of any full-service city in South Florida, which helps maintain our property values.  Indeed, Boca Raton has the highest property valuation of any city in Palm Beach County, and the tax base grew by an impressive 13 percent this year.

Adding to all these wonderful attributes is the business presence of a much larger city.  In business, we punch above our weight class, as Boca Raton is more to more than half of the corporate headquarters in all of Palm Beach County. Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen even more corporations decide to make Boca Raton their home, and professionals from all levels and in varied industries choosing to work here, especially with telecommuting increasing.  The flight from high taxes, high rents, and crowded cities has created an inflection point where companies are flocking to South Florida.  Boca Raton is getting our share, and the coming Brightline high-speed rail station continues to be seen as a game changer for our city and ability to attract businesses.

Even with all of these strengths, we will not rest on our laurels. We realize that the landscape in South Florida is more competitive, with many companies looking for the first ticket out of their failing cities. That is why we are setting the ambitious goal to ensure that Boca Raton becomes renowned as the best place to do business.  Here are some of the initiatives that underlie this lofty goal:

  • We will improve the perception of doing business in Boca Raton. We’ve already completed 14 substantial streamlining efforts to our complex land development code, and were one of the first cities to implement electronic permitting and plan review. This has substantially lowered time for permits, but we will continue to work to improve our reality. That will help improve the perception.  In addition, we are adding concierge-style services for larger investments in our city.
  • We will ensure predictability in our process and timelines. When key moments arise, like the opportunities for the new public school and Brightline, it took hustle to work with stakeholders, overcome challenges, and complete complex plans on tight timelines. I’ve been fortunate to work with my colleagues on these successes, which were unprecedented a few years ago. We want to bring that certainty to attract the new set of great companies or to provide opportunities for investment in community facilities, including some of the proposals for culture and recreation coming from non-profit entities.
  • We will address the infrastructure needs of businesses. We already have the municipal infrastructure to more than support our city, and we are working at partnerships to grow the talent baseand build on the burgeoning high-tech ecosystem in Boca Raton. We have launched an Innovation Office, partnered with businesses incubators and accelerators, and debuted the Endeavor Lab project to provide training, mentorship, and connectivity to local start-ups.
  • We will fill any gaps in our quality of life and build on our existing strengths. This will require a thorough and candid look of why businesses might prefer other places.  Are there amenities for offices – like vibrant walkable areas – that site selectors would favor? Can we offer new construction opportunities for contemporary Class A offices and does our zoning code need to be reviewed for what it will take for the next generation of companies and professionals?

As you can imagine, we will not complete all of these initiatives in the coming year, but we plan to make substantial headway as part of a multi-year effort. The next few years, as we approach our centennial in 2025, can lead the way to a new century for Boca Raton and success that will continue to make Boca Raton the best place to live, work, learn, and play.

We are fortunate that with our safe and successful city, our priorities are all focused on positives and enhancements.  Issues like failing infrastructure and dying industry that some cities face are fortunately not issues in Boca Raton, because of the type of long-term planning at our core mission. We can feel grateful to live in an outstanding community with nearly 2,000 City employees serving with excellence.  I’m running in the upcoming March 2023 mayoral election to help see more of these goals to completion, including ensuring a thriving economic base so that my children and all youth in Boca Raton will feel that they have the opportunity to find great careers in our city. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we can do together to reach our goals. Please share your comments, by email at, and stay connected for more news @ScottSingerUSA on all social media platforms.

Ten Things to Love About Boca Raton

1. (Image credit/ TripAdvisor) Mizner Park – From luxury brand shopping to dining at some of the area’s most popular eateries, Mizner Park is perfect for a night out with the family or date night. Throughout the year, you can catch several fun-filled events like Summer Solstice Yoga, Shakespeare in the Park, and countless concerts and festivals. Have a taste in music? Swing by the Mizner Park Amphitheater and jam out to some of the greatest talents. There’s no shortage of things to do in Mizner – stroll through it today!

2. (Image credit/Erdman Video Systems) Boca Raton South Beach – One of the best things about living in a coastal town is the easy access to serene, breathtaking beaches. And Boca Raton South Beach, located at the end of Palmetto Park Road, features two miles of lifeguard-protected beaches. No matter the time of the year, the beach is typically packed with locals and tourists alike. Spend some time at the ocean or enjoy the various sand dunes spotted with sea oats and sea grapes. The beach is perfect for a meetup with friends or a day out with the kids – and in this summer heat, we need all the cool outdoor activities we can get!

3. (Image credit/Gumbo Limbo) Gumbo Limbo Nature Center – As a coastal city, it is no surprise that Boca is committed to ocean conservation and preservation. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, where educational programs are offered yearly in sea turtle conservation and other research done by Florida Atlantic University. Their  research typically explores scientific areas like ocean acidification and the impacts on algae and corals. Have a Saturday afternoon off? Take a stroll through Gumbo Limbo’s boardwalk, count the thousands of tropical fish in their aquariums, relax in the butterfly garden, or check on the adorable patients in the sea turtle rehabilitation facility. The center is perfect for young and old nature lovers alike!

4. (Image credit/ Town Center at Boca Raton Shopping Mall – One of South Florida’s premier luxury shopping destinations, the mall has something for everyone. Whether you’re there to shop or merely browse, you can find everything from top brands to boutiques. Raining outside? Might be time for a day at the mall! Plus, don’t forget to stop by the Food Court for a yummy soft pretzel!

5. (Image Credit/ FAU Athletics) Universities – Boca takes its focus on academia from the K-12 level to higher education, asthe home of Florida Atlantic University, Lynn University, Everglades University, and Palm Beach State College. Students come from all over the country to study at these institutions, where they take focused classes in medicine, art, and much more. There are also added perks, like FAU Stadium, which hosts the Owls and the Boca Raton Bowl on December 21. Overall, as a community, we prize giving our students the opportunity to learn – the beautiful environment is a plus!

6. (Image credit/Get Excited Adventure Club) Green initiatives – Boca is committed to staying green – and why shouldn’t we want to keep the place we call home clean? We focus on sustainability here, with energy reduction measures, resource conservation, and recycling efforts. Further, Boca stays committed to green initiatives with the a multi-point plan on reducing plastic waste and single-use items, including initatives proposed by the Mayor.  This adds to the opening of new parks, the reopening of long-closed canoe and kayak trails, and expanded boating access at Lake Wyman and Rutherford Park. We want our community to stay healthy and vibrant – providing residents access to a clean, green space is one way to do so!

7. (Image credit/TripAdvisor). Parks and Recreation – Who doesn’t love a nice walk in the park? From Patch Reef to Sugar Sand, Boca offers plenty of spaces to go for a jog, take the family for a stroll, or even have a picnic. Want to go snorkeling? We have that at Red Reef Park. Want to go fishing? Try out Spanish River Park. As long as the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day to take advantage of everything Boca’s parks have to offer.

8. (Image credit/ Facebook) Museums – It’s easy to stay connected to art and culture in Boca – just look at the many museums we have to offer! There’s Boca Raton Museum of Art for those who want to spend an afternoon browsing everything from comics to more traditional paintings. The nearby Morikami Museum and Gardens is a lovely choice for those who want to learn more about the Japanese Yamato colony for whom Yamato Road is named. And for the kids, there’s the Children’s Science Explorium in Sugar Sand Park, which features numerous programs, exhibits, and plenty of other curious wonders to keep your little ones occupied.

9. (Image credit – Golf Courses – Ready to perfect that backswing? Well, you’re in the right place! The City of Boca Raton owns and operates multiple amazing golf courses in the Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course and the oceanfront Red Reef Course that are enjoyed by both residents and the general public alike. With grounds that are meticulously kept and beautiful scenery, your golfing experience will be a HOLE IN ONE! So, whether you go alone for a day of relaxation or have some healthy competition with friends, get your golf on in the city of Boca.

10. (Image credit – trip advisor) Boating – The open waters of Boca Raton give both residents and travel seekers from far away lands a chance to unleash their inner sea captain. Owning a boat in Boca Raton gives one a certain sense of unmatched accomplishment with its uncanny ability to bring people together. That said, Saturday and Sundays in Boca turn into quite the boat show. After cruising the waves or, in some cases, shredding them, vessels of all shapes and sizes line up side by side at renowned sandbars such as Lake Boca. The City is expanded the boat ramp at Silver Palm Park for more access for our residents.

Top Ten Tips for Hurricane Prep

While living in the sunshine state of Florida has its perks, like being closely compared to a never-ending vacation, we must always be mindful that our geographical location has a  high propensity for natural disasters. No matter the intensity, hurricanes not only disrupt everyday life but, for many, can mean serious loss. This loss can manifest in the form of property damage, job insecurity or in more serious cases, death. Here are ten tips for Hurricane Preparation that will increase your chances of salvaging vacation-like living after the storm has passed:

1. Stay up to date with both local and national news

In today’s society, it is easy to forget about our traditional sources of news. While social media does move quickly, there may be gaps of vital information missing as it passes from medium to medium. That said,  the #1 thing to do in preparation for a hurricane, is turn on Channel 5 and keep and ear open for any warnings. Additionally, we often make the mistake of not taking warnings seriously that are seemingly not nearby. Remember,  hurricanes can move at a speed of 10 to 35 mph!

2. Make an evacuation plan

Every city, such as our lovely Boca Raton, will have evacuation zones/routes posted. Be mindful of  the closest one to you so that if emergency evacuation is needed, you know exactly what minor and major roads to take to safety. In the event of a natural disaster, be especially open to the option of taking cover in emergency shelters. In fact, a full breakdown of storm evacuation information may be found here

3. Stock up on water and non-perishable food items

Get water fast and LOTS of it! It is a common mistake to wait until the last minute to run to the grocery store for water and non-perishables. Remember, every person is on the hunt for these essential items and they could sell out leaving you unprepared. To be safe, get bottles of water and canned items, dried goods and even yummy peanut butter way in advance and keep it stored away for a rainy day (literally). It also doesn’t hurt to store water for bathing and other personal uses!

4. Power up!

In preparation for a hurricane, it advised that we power down on all wired appliances such as toasters and power up on cell phones (for emergency calls), fuel for our cars and other non-electrical sources of energy just as candles. However, It is always in our best interest to have a generator in case of overextended power outages.

5. Keep an emergency kit handy

In a natural disaster, there are elements beyond our control that we must account for when preparing. Having a first aid kit and other emergency items is always our best bet! Ensure to have items such as hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, ointments, gauze, flashlights, a portable radio, extra batteries, blankets, clothing and toiletries.

6. Store away important documents

The last thing we need during a natural disaster is that important piece of paperwork or homework assignment being lost in the chaos of preparation. Get plastic folders to organize your important documents into an easily comprehensible way and store it away. High cabinets are usually key in this operation so that if there is any flooding, your documents are safe from water damage.

7. Ensure your home meets all building codes for withstanding hurricanes

Though being prepared to ride out the storm inside is important, it is even more important to fortify the outside of our homes to ensure minimal impact. If you live in an apartment building, it is more often than not apart of the lease agreement that the landlord ensure the buildings are up to code and secured with shutters in the event of a hurricane. For homeowners, hurricane shutters might be one of your greatest investments. Though if they prove to be too costly, you can make storm shutters with the appropriate tools and materials. Check out this guide on how!

8. Secure all stand alone items indoors & outdoors

No one wants to see their favorite vase break or watch their car be picked up and tossed aside by heavy winds. It is for this reason that we should secure all stand alone items both indoors and outdoors. It is always smart to pack away those items like wall hangings and shelf trinkets and park the car in a garage (if possible). If you do not have your own covered garage space, there are many other options. See a few here.

9. Trim your trees!

A high volume of property damage reported during hurricanes is due to falling trees that can prove to be very, very dangerous. According to, trees with a relatively thick canopy should be trimmed about 25-30% per year with the removal of some interior branches, allowing the wind to blow through. They reported that trees with multiple trunks can become especially dangerous to people and property as they grow, so it is strongly advised to completely eliminate these from your property before hurricane season. For more tree trimming tips, click here!

10. Be prepared for the worse

Sadly, natural disasters are unpredictable and can take turns for the worse. Whether this means having to flee your home behind or risk losing a job due to damage of your office building. The most important thing is to have emergency funds to soften the blow this may cause. FEMA offers some very helpful tips and process for securing finances in preparation for hurricane season.

Council Member Scott Singer goes on “offensive” to actively preserve jobs in Boca Raton

February 15, 2015 – WPTV: BOCA RATON, Fla. – The city of Boca Raton is fighting to keep one of its biggest employers in town.

Staples announced Wednesday it has a deal in place to buy Boca-based Office Depot. Neither company is releasing details on what it means for employees in south Palm Beach County.

The news leaves many of the roughly 2,000 people who work in the Office Depot headquarters wondering if they’ll lose their job, or have to move.

Those possibilities have nearby business owners worried. Brian Bruk sees Office Depot employees in his lunch line at VooDoo BBQ and Grill everyday.

“We have regulars who come in from Office Depot three to four times a week,” Bruk said.

His restaurant is a few blocks north of Office Depot’s Boca Raton headquarters at Clint Moore Road and Military Trail. The thought of losing 2,000 potential customers is scary.

“It’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money we could potentially lose; the whole plaza, the whole city of Boca. It’s very concerning,” Bruk pointed out.

The general manager at TooJay’s Gourmet Restaurant and Deli next door is also worried.

She gives Office Depot employees a discount. The more who come through her door, the more money her restaurant makes.

“They have their own cafeteria, so giving them a 10% discount will get them here, instead of eating there,” Patria Peak explained.

Boca Raton Council Member Scott Singer reached out to the Staples CEO right away. Tweeting at him and leaving him a voicemail.

Singer wants to CEO to visit Boca Raton so he can show him the benefits of adding more jobs in Boca Raton, instead of to the Staples headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts.

“We’ve got so much of an economic powerhouse, a wonderful job base, no state income tax, low taxes, the lowest taxes in Palm Beach County, a wonderful quality of life, and for those in Framingham, this February weather is normal for us,” Singer said.

The council member is encouraged to hear the Staples CEO announce publicly he’s interested in “maintaining a presence in Boca Raton.”

Read the full story here: